The holidays are a time of year when many people are searching for evaluations for the newest technology products. While many branches of the Monroe County Library System carry a subscription to Consumer Reports, a second opinion is often desired.

PC Magazine Online offers reviews for such technology products as Laptops, Tablets, Phones, HDTVs, Security software and much more. For each product type, users can search by price range, company, or category. They also link to articles that will help users with “Buying Basics,” “Top-Rated Brands,” and other basic tips for purchasing and using a specific type of product.

CNET not only offers reviews for technology products such as Laptops, Tablets, Phones, TVs, and Software, but also for Appliances, Car Tech, and other products. They list the Editors’ Top Picks, as well as reviews and buying guide articles for each category. Users can narrow results based on price, brand, size, and other features depending on the product. CNET’s experts review products in more than 65 different categories

OnGuard Online can also be a useful tool for technology users. It is a government website that covers technology topics such as Avoiding Scams, Securing Your Computer, Protecting Kids Online, and Being Smart Online. Not only does it give users tips for keeping their lives safe online, but it offers learning opportunities for technology-related issues such as Understanding Mobile Apps or Learning More About Cookies.

The Reference Department at the Ellis Reference and Information Center can help you locate product reviews. Contact the department at 734-241-5277 for assistance.