Genealogy Books Available For Research

The following lists of books are available for research and can be found at the Ellis Library & Reference Center Genealogy Collection. The titles of these books are followed by the call numbers for your convenience. Books in the Genealogy Collection cannot be checked out from the Library.


  • Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames : G929.4 Ba
  • English Surnames : G929.4 Ba
  • Surnames of Scotland : G929.4 Bl
  • Our Italian Surnames : G929.4 Fuc
  • Polish Surnames : G929.4 Hoffman
  • The Surnames of Ireland : G929.4 Macly
  • Dictionary of American Family Names : G929.4 Smi
  • Irish Family Names : G929.4 Kel
  • Irish Family Names : G929.4 O’La
  • Dictionary of German Names : G929.40943 Bahlow
  • Dictionary of Surnames : G929.42 Han
  • African Names : G929.4096 Stewart

Other Resources

  • Ships of Our Ancestors (Michael Anuta): G387.243 Anuta
  • In Search of Your British and Irish Roots (Baxter): G929.1 Ba
  • In Search of Your Canadian Roots (Baxter): G929.1 Bax
  • In Search of Your European Roots (Baxter): G929.1 Bax
  • Black Genealogy (Charles Blockson): G929.1 Blo
  • French Families of Detroit River Region 1701-1936 (Denissen): G929.1 Den
  • Ethnic Genealogy (Jessie Carny Smith): G929.1 Et
  • Researchers Guide to American Genealogy (Greenwood): G929.1 Greenwo
  • Scottish Roots (James): G929.1 Jam
  • Locating Your Immigrant Ancestory (Neagles): G929.1 Ne
  • The Source: A Guidebook of American Genealogy (Arlene Eakle): G929.1 Source
  • Dictionnaire Genealogique De Familles Canadiennes (Tanguay): G929.1 Tan
  • Finding Your Roots (Westin): G929.1 We
  • Our French-Canadian Ancestors (Thomas LaForest): G92910714 Leb
  • Polish Roots (Rosemary Chorzempa): G929.1072 Chorzem
  • Mayflower Families Through Five Generations Vol. 1-3 (Lucy Kellogg): G929.2 May
  • Germans to America Vol.1 (Glazier): G929.3 Ger
  • The Atlantic Bridge to Germany Vol. 1-8 (Hall): G929.3 Ha
  • Italians to America Vol. 1-4 (Glazier): G929.3 Italian
  • Morton Allen Directory of European Passenger Steamship Arrivals: G929.3 Mor
  • Directory of Scottish Settlers in North America (David Dobson): G929.30899 Dob
  • Wuerttemberg Emigration Index (Trudy Schenk): G929.30943 Schenk
  • Index to 1871 Census of Ontario: G929.3713 Ind
  • People of Ontario, 1600-1900 Vol. 1-3 (Noel M. Elliot): G929.3713 Peo
  • Dictionnaire Genealogique Des Familles Du Quebec (Jette): G929.3714 Je
  • The Famine Immigrants Vol. 1-7 (Glazier): G929.373 Fam
  • Passenger and Immigration List Index: G929.373 Pa

Tennessee County Maps & Kentucky County Maps by C.J.Puetz
GEN 912.768
A current atlas of county maps for the states of Tennessee and Kentucky.  Maps identify cities, towns, roads, some geographic features but no township divisions.

Family Archives Passenger & Immigration Lists Index 1538-1940
GEN-CD 929.373 Passeng
This CD lists of 2.75 million individuals who arrived in American ports between 1538 and 1940.  Information was collected from naturalization records, church records, family and local histories, and land grants.

Kentucky 1890 Veterans Census Index
GEN 929.3769 Kentuck
This particular reference provides a listing of soldiers and their widows for the 1890 Special Census schedule of Union veterans or their spouses.  However some Confederate veterans/spouses probably are included also.

Kentuckians in Missouri by Stuart Sprague
GEN 929.3778 Sprague
This reference is intended to assist genealogists looking for Missourians of Kentucky descent.  This compilation of over 4,000 persons traces records for individuals born in Kentucky and later migrated to Missouri via OH, IN, & IL.

Ireland:  1841/1851 Census Abstracts (Northern Ireland) by Josephine Masterson
GEN 929.3416 Masters
Since pre-1901 Irish censuses were destroyed by fire in 1922, this reference provides a partial reconstruction of the 1841/1851 censuses of Northern Ireland. Only a fraction of the population is identified (approximately 23,000) but it is still nonetheless an important genealogical tool.

Passenger Ships Arriving in New York Harbor 1820-1850 ed. by Bradley Steuart
GEN 929.37471 Passing
Any researcher familiar with the Norton Allan directory will appreciate this addition to the passenger ship reference collection.  Information includes:  day of arrival, name of ship, route, nationality and National Archive roll and manifest number.

The Hidden Half of the Family:  A Sourcebook for Women’s Genealogy by Christina Kassabian Schaefer
GEN 929.1 Schaef
Maternal lines in genealogical research are more challenging than their male counterparts.   Attribute this to maiden names and lack thereof.  This book gives researchers clues on how to recover these missing identities.

Virginia Taxpayers 1782-1787 by Augusta Fothergill
GEN 929.3755 Fotherg
This publication provides researchers information on approximately 34,000 Virginia residents omitted from the 1790 Federal Census of Virginia.


  • Burke’s peerage, Baronetage, and Knightage : G929.7 Bu
  • Debrett’s Peerage and Baronetage : G929.7 Deb
  • The Ancestor : G929.72 Anc
  • Fairbairn’s Book of Crests : G929.8 Fa
  • Armorial Families : G929.8 Fox
  • Burke’s General Armory : G929.8 Bu
  • New extinct Peerage : G929.72 Pi


  • Captains of the Contienental Navy : G973.35 McM
  • Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army : G973.34 He
  • Naval Officers of the American Revolution : G973.36 Cla
  • Mariners of the American Revolution : G973.36 Kam
  • Index to War of 1812 Pension Files : G973.52 Whi
  • List of Pensioners on the Roll 1883 : G973.74 Uni
  • Honored Dead: Union Casualties at Gettysburg : G973.76 Bus
  • Loyalists of the American Revolution : G973.314 Sab
  • Index of Revolutionary War Pension Applications : G973.3 Nat
  • Pension Roll of 1835 : G973.34 Pension
  • Official Army Register 1861-1865 : G923.5 Uni
  • List of Officers of Army of U.S. from 1779 to 1900 : G923.5 Po
  • Historical Register and Dictionary of U.S. Army : G929.5 He
  • Index to Indian Wars Pension Files 1892-1926 : G355.1151 Ind

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