Seven Ways You Can Support Your Library

The Benefits of Giving

Contributions to the Monroe County Library System will go to support vital programs and services for the Monroe County community.  Your gift will offer you an opportunity to strengthen the library and possibly save taxes.

A well-planned gift can help to achieve your financial and charitable objectives and realize your personal goals.  Choosing the right plan for giving depends on your individual circumstances.

Every gift is valued.  Please take a few minutes to consider these giving opportunities.

1.  Cash

Cash gifts can provide the Monroe County Library System with funds for current projects and/or future plans for the library.  Gifts can be made as a memorial or tribute to an individual to honor a birthday, anniversary, or other special event.  Acknowledgement is sent to the recipient or family on your behalf. Download this form and mail it in or drop off at your local branch.

2.  Securities

Securities have historically been one of the most advantageous ways to make a gift to an organization such as the library. Check with your tax preparer to see if this method of donation might be beneficial to you.

3.  Gifts Made Through Your Will

You may make a bequest through your will naming the Monroe County Library System as a recipient of a portion of your estate. You may designate a specific amount or a percentage of your adjusted gross estate. Other options are to establish a trust with income retained for a beneficiary you name or to give a gift of income to the library with assets passing to your heirs in a specified time.

4.  Insurance

A life insurance policy which designates the library as owner and beneficiary can be used as a vehicle to make a significant gift at a relatively low cost to the donor.  For a policy that is paid up, your charitable contribution is the cash value of the policy.

5.  Real Estate and Personal Property

Tangible personal property such as art, books or equipment. Real estate can provide for an immediate gift, fund a trust, or arrange for a lifetime occupancy after making a gift.

6.  Life Income Gift With An Income Retained

A life income gift allows a portion of the income from the investment to be paid back to you and your spouse or other beneficiaries regularly for a term of years or for the rest of your lives.
After term or lifetime commitments to beneficiaries are satisfied, the principal becomes available for a program you may designate.  Within certain limitations, you may decide what your annual payment will be, based on your need and the size of the asset you donate.

7.  Gift With An Income to the Monroe County Library System

Gifts generating an income to the Library can provide significant income and estate tax benefits.  Assets are placed in trust for a period of years, with a specified amount of income being paid to the library each year to enrich library programs.

Your next step…

At your request, the Monroe County Library System staff is available to meet with you, your family and/or your financial and legal advisors to discuss gift options and the library’s gift acceptance policies.

Monroe County Library System