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The Genealogy Collection includes print, electronic, and microfilm resources.  These include birth, marriage and death records, church records, city directories, plat maps, oral histories and much more!

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Business Resource Center

Are you thinking about starting a business? The Monroe County Library System, partnering with the MI-SBTDC, presents the Business Resource Center. It includes books and other resources to aid entrepreneurs starting business ventures.

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Custer Collection

Comprised of numerous books,  maps, photographs, video tapes, slides, sound recordings, paintings, and an extensive subject/vertical file.

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Digital Collections

Digital versions of rare or delicate historical materials, such as photographs, documents, maps, sound recordings, books and more.

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Federal Depository Library

Monroe County Library System is a depository for Federal, State, Local, and Nuclear Documents. These documents are housed in the Ellis Reference & Information Center on South Custer Road.

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Special Collections

Whether you’re starting a business or researching local history, find your answers in these special collections.

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Online Resources

A variety of professional journals and reference materials are available at your fingertips!