Introducing Plant Libraries

Plant Libraries and Propagation Stations

Plant lovers are invited to explore an exciting new collection offered at multiple branches of the Monroe County Library System – plant libraries, seed libraries, and propagation stations!

Plant clippings are now available at the Bedford, Dorsch Memorial, and Frenchtown-Dixie Branch Libraries. Clippings are free for patrons to take and nurture in their own homes. Plants do not need to be returned, however those wishing to donate clippings from their own collections are welcome to do so. These new green additions have excited plant parents of all ages since their first appearance in the branches.

Seed Libraries

Seed libraries are also available at the Ellis Library & Reference Center, as well as the Bedford, Blue Bush, Summerfield-Petersburg, and South Rockwood Branch Libraries.

Participating Branches

Plant Libraries and Propagation Stations are available at:

Seed Libraries are also available at:

Questions and Additional Information

For more information about plant libraries and propagation stations, please contact the participating branch, or email