The Lawrence A. Frost Collection of Custeriana is a multimedia collection that includes over 5000 books, videos, numerous images, journals, newspaper articles, sound recordings and artwork. It focuses on the life of General George A. Custer. This includes his academic work at West Point, his heroic participation in the Civil War and his death at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Check out some of the new books that have been added to the collection.

Army Life on the Frontier

Custer went First by Kerry G. Lindmark  ...Custer Went First presents a clearer picture of the events of The Battle of the Little Bighorn that will leave the reader with a more complete and more human understanding of the decisions made and their resulting consequences“–Back cover.

Fort Abraham Lincoln by Aaron Barth. Established in November 1872, Fort Abraham Lincoln was part of a larger complex of military forts throughout the United States. Named in memory of President Lincoln, the fort protected railroad workers as they continued westward construction of the Northern Pacific Railroad. Famous figures associated with the fort include George Custer; his Arikara scout Bloody Knife; and individuals from the Oceti Sakowin, what in the 19th century was called the Great Sioux Nation, including Rain-in-the-Face, Long Soldier, and Thunder Hawk…–Goodreads.  Part of the Images of America Series

Fort Meade: Peacekeeper of the Black Hills by Robert Sago and Lee Stroschine.  Another book from the Images of America Series. Established in 1878, Fort Meade was established to protect the increased amount of settlers in the Black Hills.  This book shares the complex history of the fort.

The Man Who Got to the Rosebud: The Story of Private Nathan Short, Was There a Survivor? by Robert Doran.  Found six weeks after the Battle of the Little Big Horn, Nathan Short was believed to be a survivor of the Battle.  Author Doran delves into the story behind the marker located on the Rosebud honoring the man who made it to the Rosebud.

Regular Army O! Soldiering on the Western Frontier, 1865 -1891 by Douglas C. McChristian.  Author Douglas McChristian studied over 350 soldier diaries to compose this detailed study of military life on the western plains.

A Soldier’s Diary: Corporal  Robert Walter Main, Courier to General Custer, 1874 – 1975 edited by Benjamin Richards.  For two years Corporal Walter Main kept a diary of life as a courier for the 7th Cavalry.  He details the danger he faced during a time when travel was mostly by horseback.

Sound the Trumpet, Beat the Drums: Horse Mounted Bands of the U.S. Army, 1820 – 1940 by Bruce P.  Gleason.  Stemming from the tradition of rallying troops and frightening enemies, mounted bands played a unique and distinctive role in American military history. Their fascinating story within the U.S. Army unfolds in this latest book from noted music historian and former army musician Bruce P. Gleason….-Goodreads.

Steamboats in Dakota Territory: Transforming the Northern Plains by Tracy Potter.
Gift donated by Margaret A. Stavick. Author Tracy Potter takes an in-depth look at the boats, trade and cultural and military relations between the United States and the native inhabitants of Dakota Territory–Goodreads.