Poetry Contest Winners

The Monroe County Library System is pleased to present the 2019 National Poetry Month Poetry Contest award winners!  Congratulations to the award winning poets and thank you to everyone who participated.  We look forward to seeing you next year!


Adult Category

From the Night
By David A. Kreiger
I took from the Night her moon-washed sky,
     And on this canvas I sketched new dreams from a life gone by.
I dipped my brush in beauty and hopes,
     And your portrait smiled from these gentle strokes.
I took from the Night her quiet lullabies,
     And with this score I sang children’s rhymes and lover’s sighs.
I played my notes with the truth I treasure,
     And your voice whispered from this sweet measure.
I took from the Night her dreamy net,
     And for this fabric love was both warp and weft.
I wove my pattern with tenderness unsurpassed,
     And it was your hand that guided mine to the last.

Teen Category

Empathy Against a Cloud
By Torrie Cleavenger
A cloud is carried
By everyone around
No matter how small
No matter how sound
Some hide it
And some don’t 
But everyone has one
I promise you, nobody ever won’t
Be conscious of your words
And empathetic to your actions
You never know
How people deal with their dissatisfaction
So remember to smile
And say “have a good day”
You never know how much
Pain it could take away

By Lauren Werbiansky

Children’s Category

By Lauren Werbiansky
They’re just like lemmings.
They start out small,
And begin their life full of glee
Overtime the leaves grow
Together through life
Growing big and green.
At last they’re fully grown,
And growing old,
as they say goodbye
Soon a breeze will start a massacre
Of trillion leaves.
They start flowing
Off the tree
Just like mindless lemmings
Heedless that they are about to abolish their glee.