Ever wonder where the books come from that you request from outside the Monroe County Library System?

Wonder how your library can afford to subscribe to all those great databases like Chilton Repair, Demographics Now, Gale Legal Forms and HeritageQuest (to name just a few)?

Have you heard your librarian talk about MeL or requesting a book via MeLCat and wondered what that means?

The Michigan Electronic Library (MeL) is the backbone for libraries across the State of Michigan. MeL is funded by IMLS or the Intstitute of Museam & Library Services, a governmental agency that supports museums and libraries.

In an effort to demonstrate the importance of IMLS funding to MeL and the enormous impact it has on the lives of every day citizens, MeL commissioned a series of short videos. Beginning in January, they started featuring one a month on the MeL homepage. All the videos live on MeL’s YouTube channel in a playlist called Celebrating MeL.

Here are some links to reach the short videos. They’re quick, impactful, and were created specifically for social media:

·        MeL for Small Libraries (37 seconds) – The value of MeLCat for small libraries, especially demonstrating how it assists in augmenting smaller collections.

·        MeL Helping Authors (39 seconds) – This video isn’t just for authors but it does an impressive job of showing some very practical, real-world help that MeLCat can provide to residents.

·        MeL Movies, Music and More (33 seconds) – This video shows the breadth of materials available in MeLCat.

·        MeL Databases (35 seconds) – A moment with Academic OneFile and General OneFile with Calvin Battle of Jackson District Library

·        MeL in the Classroom (32 seconds) – This is the quick impact video showing how MeL can help teachers to help students succeed.

·        MeL Behind the Scenes (36 seconds) – A succinct summary of MeLCat from Sean Cwiek at MCLS talking about the moving parts behind the scenes. A great way to give a sneak peek to your patrons who may not have thought much about what goes into MeLCat.

The longer videos also have strong viewer completion rates and are timed to tell a story from multiple angles. Don’t miss them!

·        MeLCat Patrons (2:35 minutes) – A very nice collage of MeLCat patrons from all over the state talking about their positive experiences with the service.

·        MeLCat Staff (3:15 minutes) – A behind-the-scenes look at MeLCat with a short tutorial for the new MeLCat user and an explanation of what it can do for them.

·        MeL Databases for Adults (3:50 minutes) – An introduction to a variety of MeL’s great subscription resources for adults.

·        MeL K-12 Databases (3:08 minutes) – Sings the praises of using MeL databases in the classroom and beyond for Michigan’s K-12 learners who need research help. Hear the voices of teachers as well as high school students.

·        MeL Impact in the Classroom (3:32 minutes) – Hear the voices of teachers and students about how MeL can help with school work as well as in their personal lives. 

MeL databases are available to Michigan residents or Michigan library access only. Be sure to check them out!