2020 Michigan Primary Election – August 4, 2020

2020 General Election  – November 3, 2020


Are you registered to vote?

Check out Michigan’s Secretary of State Elections webpage some great information on voting in the 2020 elections. From viewing the candidate listings, to registering to vote and voting from home, it’s all available in one place. The Secretary of State Elections webpage also includes the Michigan Voter Information Center (MVIC) to find a polling location, your sample ballot based on your address, and information about voting equipment.


Be Informed!

VOTE 411 was launched by the League of Women voters Education Fund in October, 2006. It is described as a “one-stop-shop” for election information, and gives the public an opportunity to find unbiased information about candidates for both U.S. and State elections. To find personalized election information, input your street, city, state and zip code. Another option allows voting information by selecting a state. First time voters can view a checklist to lessen the stress. The League of Women Voters is a national group that works to Educate Voters, Register Voters, Improve Elections, and Improve Government.