Ever wonder what the check for the purchase of Alaska looks like? How about Eli Whitney’s patent for the Cotton Gin, or the Instrument of Surrender document used in 1945 when Japan surrendered? All of these documents, and 97 more are available to view from the comfort of your home.

100 Milestone Documents chronicles the history of the U.S. from 1776 to 1965. According to the website these documents “helped shape the national character, and they reflect our diversity, our unity, and our commitment as a nation to continue our work toward forming ‘a more perfect union.’”

From the Lee Resolution in 1776 to the Voting Rights Act in 1965, and other documents in between. You will have the opportunity to see well-known documents like the Declaration of Independence, (1776), the Bill of Rights (1791), the Treaty of Ghent (1814), Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address (1863), and President John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address (1961) and more obscure documents such as Jefferson’s Secret Message to Congress Regarding the Lewis & Clark Expedition (1803), a Telegram Announcing the Surrender of Fort Sumter (1861),  an Aerial Photograph of Missiles in Cuba (1962), or the Official Program for the March on Washington (1963).

This website is useful for educators, students who need to view primary documents for research papers, or anyone curious about our nation’s history. Check it out!