Friends of the Bedford Branch Library

friends of the bedford branch library banner
General Meeting

4th Tuesday of each month – 7:00pm at the Library

Membership Information

The Friends of the Bedford Library Branch of the Monroe County Library System is a nonprofit group of citizens who work together to stimulate a greater interest in and use of the library; to acquaint the community with the functions, resources, facilities and needs of the library; to promote and enrich the services of the library; to encourage and administer library gifts, donations, and memorials of individuals and organizations; to coordinate information to the community on issues of library legislation; to sponsor programs designed to add to the cultural life of the community and to ensure the existence of the Bedford Branch of the Monroe County Library System for years to come.

Bedford Friends Membership Form

The Friends of the Bedford Library encourage all members of our community to join with the Friends. Together we can accomplish great things.

Reasons to Join The Friends of the Bedford Library
  • Meet other library and book lovers.
  • Support children’s programming.
  • Help expand the library’s access to tools of the information age.
  • Respond quickly to special needs of the library and its community.
  • The great feeling you get from being art of our library.
Membership and Dues

The membership year of the Friends of the Bedford Library is October 1 through September 30. Privileges of making motions, debating, voting, holding office or serving on any committee are reserved for dues paying members.

Membership dues are as follows:

  • Students under 18 yrs., Senior Citizens over 55 yrs. – $10.00
  • Individual membership – $15.00
  • Family membership – $20.00
  • Booklover – $30.00
  • Literary Lion – $50.00
  • Best Friend or Business – $100.00
  • Friend for Life – $500.00

Friends for the Bedford Branch Library Bylaws

Elected Officers
  • Shirley Rentz – President
  • Jackie McMahon – Vice President
  • Claire Diesing – Secretary
  • A. M. Davis – Treasurer
Book Sale

Stop by today and pick up some reading or listening material. The book sale room is located to the left of the circulation desk. If you’re looking for a special book, let us know. We will keep a look out for special items.

Suggested Donation
  • Hardback Books – $2.00 each
  • Paperback Books – 50 cents each

We also accept donations of books in good condition and appreciate hardcover and paperback fiction, nonfiction and children’s materials, as well as music CDs and DVD movies with their original artwork.  We cannot accept textbooks, encyclopedias, dictionaries, or any items that are damaged in any way.

Friends Links & Best Friends
  • Friends of Libraries U.S.A. – A national Friends group that provides programs and publications to 2,800 member groups. Helps citizens nationwide learn how to develop local library Friends to raise funds, be advocates and promote libraries.
  • American Library Association – A large, well designed website with lots of resources. American Library Association is a champion of library needs and freedoms.
Our Best Friends

These are folks in our community who have joined the friends at our highest levels of membership. We greatly appreciate their support.

  • Lambertville True Value Hardware
  • Dr. Dennis DeMuth

Events at the Bedford Branch Library

Please click here for more information about our current safety protocols and planning your visit to the library.